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The Source and Treatment of the Water Supply

The Old Bridge MUA obtains water from a combination of its own groundwater sources, and also from surface water sources of the Middlesex Water Company.

Middlesex Water Company obtains the surface water from the Delaware and Raritan Canals and also from the Spruce Run and Round Valley Reservoirs. The surface water source is withdrawn from the canal at an intake and pumping station in New Brunswick and transmitted to the Middlesex Plant in Edison for treatment. The finished water is then transmitted to Old Bridge via a network of distribution mains from Edison to Old Bridge Township.

The groundwater source is obtained from Old Bridge MUA's eight (8) wells. The wells extend underground one hundred feet (100') to four hundred feet (400') into two (2) separate groundwater aquifers. The shallower aquifer, located at one hundred feet (100') is called the Old Bridge Aquifer, and the deeper aquifer, located at four hundred feet (400') is called the Farrington Aquifer.

The water is pumped out of two (2) aquifers to two (2) treatments plants for removal of contaminants utilizing the most advanced and reliable treatment practices for the source of water. These treatment methods eliminate or minimize the effects of contaminants, as well as improve aesthetic qualities, such as taste, odor and color. After treatment, the water is sent into the Old Bridge MUA distribution system.

The Old Bridge MUA provides its customers an average of 6.5 million gallons per day of safe drinking water. The Old Bridge MUA produces approximately 3.5 million gallons per day from the treatment plants, and purchases approximately 3.0 millions gallons per day of treated water from Middlesex Water Company. The water from Middlesex Water Company and the Old Bridge MUA wells are mixed within the water distribution system.

The Old Bridge MUA sells approximately 600,000 gallons per day of water to Aberdeen Township. In addition to the interconnection with the Middlesex Water Company and Aberdeen Township, the Old Bridge MUA has interconnections with Perth Amboy and Marlboro Township.

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