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New Jersey Fast–Track Water Privatization Bills
State of New Jersey Assembly Bill No. 3628
State of New Jersey Senate Bill No. 2412

New Jersey Fast–Track Water Privatization Bill News
Christie signs law greenlighting fast track sale
of N.J. public water systems | February 05, 2015
Water privatization bill removing public vote
requirement moves to Christie's desk | December 19, 2014
Fast–tracked sales of public water to private
companies OK'd by N.J. Assembly | December 15, 2014
Water privatization bill amended, opponents
contend it still takes away public say | December 05, 2014
NJ Lawmakers Fast–Track Water Utility Privatization
Water Online | November 14, 2014
Privatization of public water, sewer systems
could be fast–tracked under N.J. bill | November 06, 2014

Fast–Track Water Privatization Bill
Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey Key Elements Conveniently Left Out of the Story by Supporters of Fast–track Water Privatization Bill

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