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Below are just a few articles demonstrating the future trends of water ownership. This can only happen here if people allow it.

Some Basic Facts And Issues: Water Prospecting and the
Ownership and Control of Public Resources

FEW | March 28, 2015
The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega–Banks are
Buying up the World’s Water

Global Research | March 22, 2015
Companies proclaim water the next oil in a rush
to turn resources into profit

the Guardian | July 27, 2014
Are We Better Off Privatizing Water?
Wall Street Journal | October 8, 2012
The Great Water Grab
NEWS Focus | December 04, 2010
The Race to Buy Up the World's Water
Newsweek | October 08, 2010
What is the Benefit of Privatizing Water?
state of the planet | September 02, 2010
Private industry's gold rush on for water rights
Free Republic | December 27, 2001
Water Usage & Privatization
Food Empowerment Project

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