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Mayor Owen Henry and at least two Old Bridge Township Council members are considering a proposal to convert the independently–run Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority (OBMUA) into a township–run organization, which they would eventually sell to a privately–owned entity.

If successful, the proposal would have adverse consequences for the residents of Old Bridge. A township takeover would drive up utility bills in the midst of a fragile economy, accountability will vanish and residents will lose control of its source of water.

Here are some facts that all residents should be aware of:
  • This predatory proposal is an aggressive attempt by the Mayor and Council members to steal the MUA’s revenue and surplus in order to supplement the Township's tax base — not to reduce costs.
  • Old Bridge MUA’s surplus is ONLY used for rate stabilization, planned municipal utility projects and emergency projects due to catastrophic failure.
  • Similar utility takeovers in neighboring towns have resulted in rate hikes, inadequate customer service and reduced local control.
  • Privatization: A township takeover of the Old Bridge MUA would eventually lead to the sale of the OBMUA to a privately–owned water monopoly.
1.    A privately–owned water utility is under little pressure to respond to customer concerns. This may result in poor customer service.

2.    Private water suppliers, by nature, answer to stockholders (not the public).

3.    Once water rights have been sold to a private water supplier, very little can be done to ensure that the private company will work in the best interest of the community.
Help us stop a municipal takeover of the Old Bridge MUA. Sign the petition and let your decision makers know that you don't want a township–run MUA.

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