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All residents should be concerned about losing a vital public service. A township takeover of the Old Bridge MUA will lead to compromised service, greater responsibility to the resident or customer and the eventual sale of the MUA to a privately–owned corporation.

Quality Service:

Whether installing meters or repairing water main breaks, the Old Bridge MUA provides uncompromised service.

Water Meters –

The Old Bridge MUA has over the past few years installed new water meters that improve accuracy. This allows the MUA to properly bill the residents and their customers. No longer do MUA employees have to enter a dwelling in order to obtain a meter reading. This prevents inconvenience to the resident or customer.

When meters need to be changed or repaired, the MUA makes an appointment and keeps it. Try getting that kind of service from the larger utilities.

Water Main & Service Breaks –

Water is a resource that is too often taken for granted. When we open our taps we expect water to flow out of them. When a service breaks from the main, the MUA promptly arrives to assess and repair the damage. Township owned utilities must first contact an independent contractor before repairs begin. This leads to longer interruptions of service.

The Old Bridge MUA accepts responsibility of the water main in the street as well as the individual service to the shut off at the curb. Towns like Sayreville, which have taken over their utility do not. They only accept responsibility for the water main. When a resident's individual service breaks, it is their responsibility to repair it in a timely manner. This type of repair adds a greater burden to the customer and can often cost more than $10,000.

"The Borough of Sayreville would like to advise all of its customers of the following: Most of our customers are unaware of the reponsibility of the homeowner. The homeowner is reponsible for the lines going from the water and sewer main to the house itself. WE ARE ONLY RESPONSIBILE FOR THE MAIN LINES."
Sayreville Water and Sewer Department

Why does the MUA have a monetary surplus?

Responsible utilities carry a monetary surplus for future improvements and expansion of the infrastructure. This is referred to as "Capacity Development."

In recent years, the Old Bridge MUA has added two elevated storage tanks. One near Gateway Plaza and the other on Marlboro Road. These 2 million gallon tanks provide an adequate supply of water on demand for increased use during high demand periods that require more water. They also provide better fire flow and fire protection. Because these tanks are elevated, they also increase pressure to the residents without the need for pumps. This decreases the amount of energy required and saves in energy costs. These savings help to keep rates stable.

In the past, the Laurence Harbor section of town had their dilapidated two–inch water main replaced with a new six–inch water main. This new main increases water flow for consumption and more importantly increases fire flow and fire portection.

Because the Old Bridge MUA maintains a surplus, there are other infrastructure improvements on the drawing board, all to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in which the MUA serves its residents and customers.

In the Treatment Plants –

In years gone by, the Old Bridge MUA water treatment plants used instrumentation that was antiquated and obsolete. This equipment was often held together using rubber bands and paper clips.

Today, the water treatment plants use state-of-the-art computer systems designed to let the attending operator know when problems occur as they happen. They identify anomolies in flow and pressure so that potential problems can be addressed as quickly as possible. It should also be known that the quality of water that is delivered to the residents and customers exceeds the highest standards of the DEP and EPA. Other local and larger water utilities are often sited for violations, sometimes compromising the quality of water they deliver.

If the Township of Old Bridge takes over control of the Old Bridge MUA, all of these services will be greatly diminshed adding more responsibility and burden to the residents and customers.

Don't let the mayor and council majority deprive you of this valuable resource!

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